AI Core Summer Internship

June 14, 2024

The AI Core Summer Internship began last week, with 45 interns who will support different AI initiatives over the summer.

AI Core Summer Internship

June 3rd marked the beginning of the first AI Core summer internship, a nine-week program where interns will have the opportunity to explore AI possibilities in the workplace. The program begins with a four-week in-depth training on custom generative pre-trained transformers (GPTs) to master prompt engineering. Interns also will gain essential AI skills, such as retrieval augmented generation (RAG) architecture for large language models, web application programming interface (API) development to hone their coding and programming skills, and generative AI with Adobe Firefly and Photoshop for essential creative skills. They will do a deep dive in AI-related topics that explore societal issues and introduce Unreal Engine 5 for extended reality (XR) development.

Following this intensive training, interns will select one of 12 real-world projects in health, business, or culture. They will apply their newly acquired skills to solve challenges and contribute significantly to various sectors.

The University of Arizona's AI Core Summer Internship is a program sponsored and organized by the Institute for Computation and Data-Enabled Insight (ICDI)  in partnership with Student Engagement and Career Development. The program focuses on preparing interns to be future leaders in the rapidly evolving AI landscape by providing access to advanced tools, resources, and hands-on experience.