ICDI is transforming possibility through emerging technology

Beyond our people, data is our most valuable resource for expanding human potential.

ICDI enables University of Arizona faculty, staff, and students across all disciplines to unlock new research solutions and accelerate breakthrough discoveries using the power of information technologies. We measure our success by impact. Trustworthy stewardship of information and data is central to all we do.

Our goals?

  • Assist researchers in achieving success and expanding the impact of their work
  • Create career opportunities for students
  • Help grow Arizona's economy
  • Expand the possibilities for a better world
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Initial Findings Deadline

For those students who have registered to compete in the challenge using Planet Labs data, the deadline to submit initial findings is March 10. 

Image of Earth from space

Use Planet Data

The University of Arizona now has a campus-wide license with Planet Labs PBC, giving faculty, staff, students and designated campus colleagues access to a near daily stream of Earth-observation satellite data. Planet operates a fleet of more than 200 satellites that images the whole Earth land mass every day. Use Planet's vast datasets to enhance your research.

Headshot of Barney Maccabe

Meet Our Executive Director

Arthur “Barney” Maccabe has a long history of cultivating the future of information technologies by supporting and celebrating the work of others. He served as the computer science and mathematics division director at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for 13 years and prior to that was a professor of computer science at the University of New Mexico. 

What ICDI Can Do For You

For Faculty/Staff

  • Access to data & computation experts​

  • Training & education​

  • Opportunities for collaboration

For Students

  • Research opportunities​

  • Training & education​

  • Career guidance & opportunities

For the Community

  • K-14 education & training​

  • ​Consulting, training, workforce development for small business/industry/government ​



Humans, Data and Machines Lecture Series

The 2018 College of Science lecture series, "Humans, Data and Machines," examines the scientific, technological, legal and personal impact of revolutionary social change.


Are Computers as Smart as You Think?

In the 2023 College of Science lecture series, "Myth Busting Science," Eduardo Blanco discusses the intelligence of computers, what they can accomplish, emerging artificial intelligence technologies like ChatGPT, and their limitations.