Our Mission: Information Tools & Talent Pools

The Institute for Computation and Data-Enabled Insight integrates data and computation capabilities, enabling our faculty, students, and partners to harness the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to unlock new career opportunities, new discoveries, and new research possibilities for a better future. 

We approach our work through the lens of grand challenges related to the University's Strategic Plan, applying artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things, data science, and other technologies toward solutions.


Harness the power of data and computation to transform knowledge generation for a better world.


We accelerate breakthrough discoveries and expand impact by UArizona faculty, staff, and students by cultivating trustworthy information capabilities and a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Our Focus Areas

  • Information tools and platforms
    • Social and ethical considerations from the outset
    • Trustworthy stewardship of data artifacts and information
  • Workforce development
    • Data acumen, degrees, certificates
  • Infrastructure
    • Spans hardware, software and peopleware (e.g., research software engineers)

Our Goals

  1. Bring focus and capacity to computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning
  2. Convene networks of experts from different disciplines to tackle grand challenges such as climate change, precision healthcare, and cybersecurity, enabling transformational tools for scientific discovery and truly personalized learning
  3. Deliver a collaborative, agile ecosystem for research computing and data management at scale
  4. Recruit the best and brightest next-generation faculty to UArizona
  5. Train faculty and researchers through micro-courses, certifications, and other programs designed to transform individual discovery and research success through new tools and collaboration
  6. Create the workforce of the future, supporting programs that ensure every UArizona student possesses data acumen; that is, they have the skills to make sound decisions with data.